brand new days...

Hyy everyone..?? waaa, its Jan, 1st already.. how was your new year eve? haha, i know, you guys had a lot of fun of course.. well, this is my first post in 2012.. omg, i cant believe ive been breathing for almost 21 years (uhmm... idk how to say, but actually im a 5 yrs old kid who was trapped in a this 21 yrs old ugly body) what is this insanity..?? #ignore me!
anyway, i might not be online as many as before anymore.. why? because ive a ton of school stuffs to do, beside ill go to northern lombok for kkn soon!! damn, im gonna miss bein a blogwalker..that is my fav activity this lately... lol... im just wasting time.. ikr! So, uhmm.. im no on twitter.. talking to ppl randomly... replying those oddy tweets (lol..) they've posted... omg, i already realized that i lost so many followers (300+) now i only have 5000 >.< i missed everyone on twitter.. i missed my besties, i missed talking to them about justin and other stuffs... i havent read their DMs too btw.. owhh, what a bad person i really am! didnt even reply messages from my best friends =/
but you know guys... i have no spare times as many as before now, since im now in my last year for this bachelor program, i have to finish my thesis asap if i want to get cum laude when i graduate..!!and yeaa, my research is so damn hard.. who says working with with enzyme doesnt need an extra thoroughness!!
owhh yea, the midterm is around the corner too btw.. i havent prepared anything yet, fuuuu.. i dont even have any stuff fo it.. *you good student ann!! you really are!* so, i need to study hard from now on.. but goodm here i am stuck makin edits.. >.< fyeah! life is so beautiful... *slap self* temo sorewa ( i mean "but" lo, why do i talk like this??) i need some edits to be queued on my tumblr.. OTL! i just need to keep it update okay...! gahh.. then whe can't i clone myself? i think i need to travel to Konoha and stay there fo a while to learn jutsu.. *daydreamer, i am!* owh lord, 2011 is over ann.. you need to change..!! why are you still like this? so immature.. think your future and stop crazily and desperately in love with jonghoon! XD i just can not!
gasp.. okay then, i really wish 2012 would be great.. i dont want any mistakes repeated this year! everything has to be better.. so, 2012 just please be good... :)
p/s: i still can not forget him.. t_t



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