selasa na'as...

Ya Allah peeps… tadi gw ditabrak.. XD, lutut gw jadi memar gara2 ketindih motor…
kampret tu mb’2.. suka buta and gag liyad2 dee.. masak dia ngebut gara2 ngejer lampu ijo, gw padahal uda ngerating.. tapi dia gag liyad.. teroz dengan santainya lagi bilang maaf… padahal pedal motol gw ampe bengkok… mana lecet-lecet lagi.. coba gw tadi gag gemeteran banget (kaget sumpah.. gimana gag shock coba!!) gw mo langsung ngecek kondisi motor gw.. tapi gara2 gw lemes banget, gw baru nyadar itu semua paz mo pulang and uda agak tenang gitu… kalo tau, tu mb’ 2 uda gw mintaain ganti rugi…
ya Allah… gw jadi merasa bersalah banget sama bokap n nyokap gw.. sebenernya kan gw tadi tu mo pergi kerumahnya mb’warni, kakak co.ass gw yang baru ngelahiriin anak pertamanya.. ewhh, paz dijalan mo beli kado, gw malah tabrakan.. gw tau gw salah.. soalnya gw belon ijin dulu ama nyokap.. mana hari selasa lagi.. na’as banget dah pokoknya… gw sampe merinding and nangis2 pulangnya… gemeteran gag keruan.. kasian bokap gw jadi cape’ n gag jadi pergi kerumah temennya gara2 mezti jemputin adek gw pulang sekolah, seharusnya kan dia pulangnya bareng gw.. tapi yo gimana gw mo bonceng dia pulang, gw aja sempoyongan bawa motor abiz ketabrak orang tu!!
Well peeps, itu pengalaman buruk gw hari ini… sebenernya se gw gag mo inget2 lagi… tapi yaa.. gag da salahnya gw post disini.. T_T anyway, ive already watched an old movie, INSIDIOUS!!! Lord, that was so scary.. I still can see those ghost faces in my mind, a horrible old woman with fuckin evil smile..!! XD what am I talking about?? I better finish my homework.. I got another assignment then.. a medical microbiology one…!!
ps: i got an email already from my new blogger friend named Rainy Martini
thank you so much fo have sent me an awesome blogskin codes.. saved and gotta use it soon..^^ she's an awesome blogskin maker guys, you can check her other awesome skins here :)



Anonymous Stasia said...

owh my god..!! what happened to u sweetie..?? ive only noticed you got an accident, you tweeted it... ive no idea about this post... everything is written in indonesian... >.<
i wrote you a TL btw, cant wait to get a reply...

te quero :D

December 16, 2011 at 10:01 AM  
Anonymous Tqa ℒondon said...

tabrakan? Are you ok? is it really bad? Oh poor you and your mom who has to fetch you lil sibling and didn't get to go to his friend's house. Hope you're okay after that accident.

I had a sad day to day too. My mom fell down cause of the slippery road and pass out at the streets. Idk what to do, lucky for some Indonesian guys who help me carry my mom in the car and i call my friend to drive the car since idk how to drive -.-
Sorry I tell u that..

Insidious? American horror movie or what? I would love to watch a psycho, scary looking female with a hideous and terrifying grin. lol

December 16, 2011 at 10:35 AM  
Anonymous Runni said...

@Tqa : i feel better now.., just got briused on my legs,,

omg, im so sorry about ur mom... is she okay now...?? tell her, i said hello then...<3

and yeaaa.. thats an american horror movie... an old one actually.. haha, ikr!! im a horror movies lover too...

December 16, 2011 at 5:05 PM  
Anonymous Runni said...

@Stasia: omb sweetheart.. how have you been..?? im so sorry.. ive no time lately fo tweeting... SCHOOL JUST EATS UP MY LIFE... OTL!! miss you so damn much.

i got a msg from Leah that youve flew to german about weeks ago.. how was there?? did you take some picts.. u gotta show me then!!
and about the Bieber t-shirt!!! thank you so much... still wishing it had justin's autograph too tough.. ;/

haha.. ur TL is hilarious... i replied to it already,,,
im am on twitter now.. too bad ur not... time difference is forever suck...!!

ily <3

December 16, 2011 at 5:27 PM  

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