random update...

nawh.. good evening peeps...?? how was ur day...??
well, its 20:17 here.. and i suppose to be doin my homework, but no.. im just not..!! lol.. who can handle this kind of feeling, *lazy i mean, cough* since laziness is my middle name though... XD, ignore it btw... im not gonna tellin you some shit things here, okay, so.. the main problem is i'll be placed in northern Lombok for KKN.. god dammit!! are you kidding me? it's such a medieval place.. owh no... my dad got mad too, "its just too far away sweetheart!!" he said.. he didnt even call me sweetheart btw.. but, i just can not peeps... there will surely hard to get some signals, for phone moreover internet.. god noooo!! okay, enough for this... or im really goin to burn my room with this uncontrollable anger... 
anyway, this flu isnt get better yet.. i still need to bring ton of tissues to school, even i cough looks like ppl who get a chronic TB... >.< XD yeaa.. due to this fuckin random weather... i get sick easily (lol, that's your weak body's problem ann!!), so i wont sleep too late again.. i shuld stop my lovely behavior, being nocturnal.. at least fo this time.. or i'll never get well..
so, see ya.. byee~~



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So this is how i roll, mate.
1. You don't spam on my comment section.
2. You don't ask for something under my property (for example, codes or photos).
3. You don't come and object all the shits i said in my posts, cause it's MY opinion and thinking.
4. You don't bitch around like you do on other websites.
5. Last of all, be nice. Cause i will give you twice whatever you give to me.

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