Raëlism - a ridiculous UFO religion XD

So now im in a bad mood.. damn, i havent finished my moleculer biology’s assignment.. OTL.. its about cloning by the way... who doesnt know that its has too many damn complicated processes?, i almost took a day full to understand it!! actually i was thinking to take about human cloning fo my paper, but no then, i decided to take “cloned cat” to be my topic... 

mwahaha.. i kinda hate cat btw.. idk, im just not an animal lovers okay!! owh my.. i still have to translate about 4-5 pages, i better hurry, another homeworks are seriously waiting  >.< XD
btw, while i was looking fo this paper stuffs, i found something that really bothering me, u know what..?? its about this stupid new religion called Raelism!! i just found it out, becuz they are all the founder of a Clonaid, a company whos saying YES for Human cloning.. omg, this world is surely goin crazy!! how can this astray thing spreading in this worldwide so fast..?? i already found that an Iranian Muslim name Niger or whoever, i just forgot her name, has declared herself as a Raelian (Rael followers, he is a founder of this sect).. owh my god!! what a dumb she could possibly bein! astagfirullah... >.<
you'll find the worse if you google some.. 
omg, lets donate some money, or can somebody pls buy them clothes?

i just read more about this sect on their website, and found it funny... their doctrines are so misleading!! everything sucks.. then im just wondering how can those 65000+ ppl bein their followers?? they were completely blind i bet! owhh and their sensual meditation.. sounds terrible!! and yeaa.. i googled some of the Raelism picts, and guess what i found, some ladies topless, i mean half naked doin ceremony thingies!! owh god.. this is so astray!! they also encourage adult homosexual, bisexual, and heterosexual relationships and that society should recognize them legally!! WTF... you, just go to the fuckin hell.. !!
okay enough then... this fuckin stupid about Raelism is endless, we better beware..!! we have God and do believe in Him.. just pray we'll always in the right path till we get into His precious heaven.. ^^

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