life sucks!

holla peeps... how's your holidays goin?? mine, sucks as always.. actually i didnt even have any holidays, since im a uni student.. ive already back from the college here... XD nawhh.. ive been sick too btw, got fever and now flu.. *owhh great*.. well, im a nocturnal (have a told you this before..??), i always stay awake till 3:00 am every single night doin nothing.. no wonder my immune system is so damn weak... i even get sore throat too, and yeaa..this stupid rainy nose takes like a roll of tissues a day... >.< what is this beautiful life??!
okay, this is just sucha lame post.. i have no idea what to write anymore.. ohh yea, tomorrow will be the most frightening day ever, u know why? my lame fate for the next 2 months depends to it...i have to pick a thing like lottery or what ever to know where will i be placed during KKN next year.. t_t owh crap!! im not (mentally neither physically) ready yet! owhhh man.. i really wish i wouldnt be placed in sucha far away place... >.< cuz u know..it'll be so damn hard to get back home and school of course... (2 months living in a strange place even with 9 strangers, can u imagine that??) and owhh, the saddest thing is.... no internet connection!! thats so obvious!! WHAT KIND OF LIFE WOULD THAT BE?! so, yeaa.. at least Eastern Lombok is a bit fine, since my aunt lives there... so if i get starving there, i still have my aunt nearby...
owhh okay then... enough fo this non sense blabbering.. no one's gonna read it though XD (im forever alone blogger here) well, im now back to mangafox.. ive been reading a manga lately... im currently in vol. 5 chapter 17... what a nice story by Shiina Karuho...
remember the movie ive told you before in the previous post?? yep... its Kimi Ni Todoke... OTL, im just so in love with Kazehaya's character.. and Kuronuma too... sucha cutie innocent girl...
ps: i also cant wait to watch this damn epic movie.. already watched the trailer on YT.. omg, where was i?? did i live under the rock fo this whole time..?? it has been in theaters already since last Dec, 16 th... so im really out of date.. XD ikr!

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