happy mother's day...

owhh yeaa.. its Mother's Day already... school stuffs just didnt let me to go buy my mom some presents for this awesome day... i just want to buy her something...a special one, since she's my one and only inspiration in this life.. her love is just too much for me and its like never end... she's always there when im down and never fail to make me happy when i get sad. those advices she gave to me seems like everything... okay this list is endless.. owh mom... i just can never love you more than i already do... :) im nothing without you....
anyway.. i suck at writin' (actually everything).. mom knows this <3

anyway, i found this on tumblr... idk, but why do i have to laugh this hard seein it..
lol.. of course i do have my mother's eyes :)
and yeaa.. christmas is around the corner, ive to make Lynn, Maggie and Emily some cards.. i promised them btw.. otl!! how could i be so fool? ive a ton of h/ws to do and now im goin to make some christmas cards... though i dont celebrate it, but my friends do.. and they want me to make them one.. "ill print it and put it on my xmas tree annie.. make me one pls!!!" they said... omg, then can u say "no, sorry sweety.. ive been busy this lately!!".. i just can not okay... except for Lyka, since i know she's orthodox, she'll celebrate xmas next January, so, i'll only make 3 cards then..  well, january, 2012 is about a week more.. aishh, cant wait!! owhh, like i have a plan?? no!! maybe, ill just stay at home this weekend... not goin to celebrate the new year anywhere... my teacher asked me to finish my research proposal... so, i better finish it instead of blowing a trumpet and playing some fireworks...
well then, im off now.. happy early christmas to all of my christian buddies out there :)

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Anonymous Tqa ℒondon said...

Haha that tumblr photo cracked me up in the middle of a restaurant. lol
Everybody kept saying he got his mother's eyes but ROFL!

It's Mother's Day there? Aww.. you are so sweet to your mom.

December 22, 2011 at 10:17 PM  
Anonymous Runni said...

LOLOL... yeaa.. it did crack me up too last night...!! how could ppl keep saying that he has his mothers eyes..??

and yeaa, thanks.. every mom deserves our loves :)

December 23, 2011 at 7:08 AM  

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