Ajetreada vida.

"excuse the title above.. lol..it means "busy life", Lyka told me.."
Hey peeps.. how are you there?? hope you are all fine.. nahh, im just doin my homework here.. i got an assignment again from my lovely teacher XD.. he asked us to make a paper about an outbreak of disease and it should be handed over next week.. gasp.. yep, its kinda hard to do though, since it has to include about the history, how to detection the ilness, the management and prevention.. i may take about yellow fever or Aids.. still lookin for some stuffs, so.. i havent decided what i should take to become my topic yet..
and yeah.. time flies, 2011's ending soon. january seems like yesterday but we're already sinking deep in december. soon people will be celebrating christmas and new year and before you know it, you are another year older... OTL!! i wish i could finish my Bachelor program next year and goin to take Magister asap..talkin about college, i really want to get a scholarship to study at Princeton ..omg, idk.. they just have a microbiology department that i really want to join in... yea i know, my english even suck! but ill try my best..
well, im so close now with KKN (its a college stuff, stands for "kuliah, kerja, nyata".. its just like you'll try to apply ur knowledge that uve got at school in a social community..) owh my, ive no idea how its goin! surely, you'll be placed in a village which is in country side so yeah, there will be no internet connection there... so yeah, i will go on hiatus fo the next two months... life woud be so fuckin boring without you'll guys.. >.< esp my twitter besties.. Lyka, Lynn, Maggie, and Emily.. i can not spend a day without DMing you four!! fo sure, Justin will greatly feel lonely, noone gotta spam his mention like i do.. (ignore this..lol)
haha..remember Emily made this for my phone's BG.. Emiee, i so love u.. :) im the ugliest one btw.. OTL.
well then, like i told u before.. i have homeworks to do, so byee peeps, will goin to update soon...^^



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