random update...

nawh.. good evening peeps...?? how was ur day...??
well, its 20:17 here.. and i suppose to be doin my homework, but no.. im just not..!! lol.. who can handle this kind of feeling, *lazy i mean, cough* since laziness is my middle name though... XD, ignore it btw... im not gonna tellin you some shit things here, okay, so.. the main problem is i'll be placed in northern Lombok for KKN.. god dammit!! are you kidding me? it's such a medieval place.. owh no... my dad got mad too, "its just too far away sweetheart!!" he said.. he didnt even call me sweetheart btw.. but, i just can not peeps... there will surely hard to get some signals, for phone moreover internet.. god noooo!! okay, enough for this... or im really goin to burn my room with this uncontrollable anger... 
anyway, this flu isnt get better yet.. i still need to bring ton of tissues to school, even i cough looks like ppl who get a chronic TB... >.< XD yeaa.. due to this fuckin random weather... i get sick easily (lol, that's your weak body's problem ann!!), so i wont sleep too late again.. i shuld stop my lovely behavior, being nocturnal.. at least fo this time.. or i'll never get well..
so, see ya.. byee~~



life sucks!

holla peeps... how's your holidays goin?? mine, sucks as always.. actually i didnt even have any holidays, since im a uni student.. ive already back from the college here... XD nawhh.. ive been sick too btw, got fever and now flu.. *owhh great*.. well, im a nocturnal (have a told you this before..??), i always stay awake till 3:00 am every single night doin nothing.. no wonder my immune system is so damn weak... i even get sore throat too, and yeaa..this stupid rainy nose takes like a roll of tissues a day... >.< what is this beautiful life??!
okay, this is just sucha lame post.. i have no idea what to write anymore.. ohh yea, tomorrow will be the most frightening day ever, u know why? my lame fate for the next 2 months depends to it...i have to pick a thing like lottery or what ever to know where will i be placed during KKN next year.. t_t owh crap!! im not (mentally neither physically) ready yet! owhhh man.. i really wish i wouldnt be placed in sucha far away place... >.< cuz u know..it'll be so damn hard to get back home and school of course... (2 months living in a strange place even with 9 strangers, can u imagine that??) and owhh, the saddest thing is.... no internet connection!! thats so obvious!! WHAT KIND OF LIFE WOULD THAT BE?! so, yeaa.. at least Eastern Lombok is a bit fine, since my aunt lives there... so if i get starving there, i still have my aunt nearby...
owhh okay then... enough fo this non sense blabbering.. no one's gonna read it though XD (im forever alone blogger here) well, im now back to mangafox.. ive been reading a manga lately... im currently in vol. 5 chapter 17... what a nice story by Shiina Karuho...
remember the movie ive told you before in the previous post?? yep... its Kimi Ni Todoke... OTL, im just so in love with Kazehaya's character.. and Kuronuma too... sucha cutie innocent girl...
ps: i also cant wait to watch this damn epic movie.. already watched the trailer on YT.. omg, where was i?? did i live under the rock fo this whole time..?? it has been in theaters already since last Dec, 16 th... so im really out of date.. XD ikr!

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happy christmas all~

weww... its sunday morning already... where was the times gone?? lol... and yesss.. its christmas today... though i didnt celebrate it, but alot of my besties did... so, im done sending Lynn, Emily and Mag their christmas cards... ive arrived at home so late last night, but i did my best to make them their own cards.. lol, not so good i think... but yea, hope they like it... <3
and uhmmm... i watched this movie already...Kimi ni todoke (from me to you):
sweet photo, right!!
well-meaning, but socially awkward, Sawako Kuronuma (Mikako Tabe) is nicknamed "Sadako" by her classmates because of her similar hair cut with the main character from the horror movie "Ringu". Her life then takes a turn when Shota Kazehaya (Haruma Miura), the most popular boy in school, falls for her ...  so sweet.... as u see, its a japanese movie..!! an old one actually, but  i told you the story is good...!! it has christmas and new year setting too btw ,then its so suitable to watch at christmas....
that movie is actually taken from the manga with the same title.. everyone said, the manga is wayy better than the movie, idk, since i havent read them yet...
haha, well.. maybe some of you has already watched it too... i just love browsing some movies on YT.. haha, sucha wasting time ikr! but whatever then.. now im waiting fo the next 2012 LOTR movie, The Hobbits.. u can watch the trailer here 8D though im a bit disappointed becuz Elijah doesnt play the major characters here.. t_t, but its okay then... i know that will be an epic movie..
well, thats all fo today, ive no idea what to write more here in this post, just some shit movies random stuffs, so, to ending this post.. im gonna say "merry christmas to my beloved FT.ISLAND..!! hope you five enjoyed youre day... i wish i could ever give you a present..!!"

ps: i made them those lame edits, and posted already on tumblr :)

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happy mother's day...

owhh yeaa.. its Mother's Day already... school stuffs just didnt let me to go buy my mom some presents for this awesome day... i just want to buy her something...a special one, since she's my one and only inspiration in this life.. her love is just too much for me and its like never end... she's always there when im down and never fail to make me happy when i get sad. those advices she gave to me seems like everything... okay this list is endless.. owh mom... i just can never love you more than i already do... :) im nothing without you....
anyway.. i suck at writin' (actually everything).. mom knows this <3

anyway, i found this on tumblr... idk, but why do i have to laugh this hard seein it..
lol.. of course i do have my mother's eyes :)
and yeaa.. christmas is around the corner, ive to make Lynn, Maggie and Emily some cards.. i promised them btw.. otl!! how could i be so fool? ive a ton of h/ws to do and now im goin to make some christmas cards... though i dont celebrate it, but my friends do.. and they want me to make them one.. "ill print it and put it on my xmas tree annie.. make me one pls!!!" they said... omg, then can u say "no, sorry sweety.. ive been busy this lately!!".. i just can not okay... except for Lyka, since i know she's orthodox, she'll celebrate xmas next January, so, i'll only make 3 cards then..  well, january, 2012 is about a week more.. aishh, cant wait!! owhh, like i have a plan?? no!! maybe, ill just stay at home this weekend... not goin to celebrate the new year anywhere... my teacher asked me to finish my research proposal... so, i better finish it instead of blowing a trumpet and playing some fireworks...
well then, im off now.. happy early christmas to all of my christian buddies out there :)

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Ajetreada vida.

"excuse the title above.. lol..it means "busy life", Lyka told me.."
Hey peeps.. how are you there?? hope you are all fine.. nahh, im just doin my homework here.. i got an assignment again from my lovely teacher XD.. he asked us to make a paper about an outbreak of disease and it should be handed over next week.. gasp.. yep, its kinda hard to do though, since it has to include about the history, how to detection the ilness, the management and prevention.. i may take about yellow fever or Aids.. still lookin for some stuffs, so.. i havent decided what i should take to become my topic yet..
and yeah.. time flies, 2011's ending soon. january seems like yesterday but we're already sinking deep in december. soon people will be celebrating christmas and new year and before you know it, you are another year older... OTL!! i wish i could finish my Bachelor program next year and goin to take Magister asap..talkin about college, i really want to get a scholarship to study at Princeton ..omg, idk.. they just have a microbiology department that i really want to join in... yea i know, my english even suck! but ill try my best..
well, im so close now with KKN (its a college stuff, stands for "kuliah, kerja, nyata".. its just like you'll try to apply ur knowledge that uve got at school in a social community..) owh my, ive no idea how its goin! surely, you'll be placed in a village which is in country side so yeah, there will be no internet connection there... so yeah, i will go on hiatus fo the next two months... life woud be so fuckin boring without you'll guys.. >.< esp my twitter besties.. Lyka, Lynn, Maggie, and Emily.. i can not spend a day without DMing you four!! fo sure, Justin will greatly feel lonely, noone gotta spam his mention like i do.. (ignore this..lol)
haha..remember Emily made this for my phone's BG.. Emiee, i so love u.. :) im the ugliest one btw.. OTL.
well then, like i told u before.. i have homeworks to do, so byee peeps, will goin to update soon...^^



happy belated birthday GOAT!

お誕生日おめでとうございます LEE JAEJIN

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selasa na'as...

Ya Allah peeps… tadi gw ditabrak.. XD, lutut gw jadi memar gara2 ketindih motor…
kampret tu mb’2.. suka buta and gag liyad2 dee.. masak dia ngebut gara2 ngejer lampu ijo, gw padahal uda ngerating.. tapi dia gag liyad.. teroz dengan santainya lagi bilang maaf… padahal pedal motol gw ampe bengkok… mana lecet-lecet lagi.. coba gw tadi gag gemeteran banget (kaget sumpah.. gimana gag shock coba!!) gw mo langsung ngecek kondisi motor gw.. tapi gara2 gw lemes banget, gw baru nyadar itu semua paz mo pulang and uda agak tenang gitu… kalo tau, tu mb’ 2 uda gw mintaain ganti rugi…
ya Allah… gw jadi merasa bersalah banget sama bokap n nyokap gw.. sebenernya kan gw tadi tu mo pergi kerumahnya mb’warni, kakak co.ass gw yang baru ngelahiriin anak pertamanya.. ewhh, paz dijalan mo beli kado, gw malah tabrakan.. gw tau gw salah.. soalnya gw belon ijin dulu ama nyokap.. mana hari selasa lagi.. na’as banget dah pokoknya… gw sampe merinding and nangis2 pulangnya… gemeteran gag keruan.. kasian bokap gw jadi cape’ n gag jadi pergi kerumah temennya gara2 mezti jemputin adek gw pulang sekolah, seharusnya kan dia pulangnya bareng gw.. tapi yo gimana gw mo bonceng dia pulang, gw aja sempoyongan bawa motor abiz ketabrak orang tu!!
Well peeps, itu pengalaman buruk gw hari ini… sebenernya se gw gag mo inget2 lagi… tapi yaa.. gag da salahnya gw post disini.. T_T anyway, ive already watched an old movie, INSIDIOUS!!! Lord, that was so scary.. I still can see those ghost faces in my mind, a horrible old woman with fuckin evil smile..!! XD what am I talking about?? I better finish my homework.. I got another assignment then.. a medical microbiology one…!!
ps: i got an email already from my new blogger friend named Rainy Martini
thank you so much fo have sent me an awesome blogskin codes.. saved and gotta use it soon..^^ she's an awesome blogskin maker guys, you can check her other awesome skins here :)



What to do? English is not my native language!

owh wait.. i already updated my blog *and yess.. havent finished my assignment yet* but this is just too precious to not to be posted.. XD ahahaha.. im bragging, but well then, lemme give ya an extra update, cuz after this, im goin to take a long hibernation..
uhmm so yeah... i already reblogged this on tumblr:
English is not my native language
So everytime I type something wrong or use the wrong word or the wrong tempus or grammar etc. I always get paranoid that someone who has english as their native language, will read what I wrote and spot all the mistakes I made and think, “Is she stupid or something??” or “Damn, her english is horrible, I am never going to speak to her”.
ahaha yeah.. thats really what i feel when i post something in english.. yeah, just look at me, born and raised in an isolated island!! OTL.. *im sucha stupid though, ikr* but then somebody reblogged it again and she added:
Oh my goodness, I wish all the people whose native language is not English wouldn’t feel this way. I truly and sincerely think it’s amazing how fluently people learn second languages and thereby attain the capacity to converse (what seems to me to be) incredibly easily with native speakers. As an English Lit major, let me tell you, English is a seriously messed up language. And I can guarantee you that 99.9% of all native speakers struggle with grammar and spelling every day, because really English grammar and spelling rarely make any sense whatsoever. “WHERE DOES THE COMMA GO?” “DOES THIS WORD TAKE ‘BY’ OR ‘FROM’ AS ITS PREPOSITION?” “IS IT AN ‘-ANT’ OR ‘-ENT’ ENDING?” “WHAT IS THE PLURAL OF MOOSE?!” I ask myself questions like this every day and I’ve been speaking English my whole life, haha. So don’t worry, non-native speakers, you’re amazing. Seriously. And if anyone thinks you’re stupid for grammar mistakes, then they’re not worth talking to anyway.
then i was just like...
omg.. i love you Isabell... <3

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Raëlism - a ridiculous UFO religion XD

So now im in a bad mood.. damn, i havent finished my moleculer biology’s assignment.. OTL.. its about cloning by the way... who doesnt know that its has too many damn complicated processes?, i almost took a day full to understand it!! actually i was thinking to take about human cloning fo my paper, but no then, i decided to take “cloned cat” to be my topic... 

mwahaha.. i kinda hate cat btw.. idk, im just not an animal lovers okay!! owh my.. i still have to translate about 4-5 pages, i better hurry, another homeworks are seriously waiting  >.< XD
btw, while i was looking fo this paper stuffs, i found something that really bothering me, u know what..?? its about this stupid new religion called Raelism!! i just found it out, becuz they are all the founder of a Clonaid, a company whos saying YES for Human cloning.. omg, this world is surely goin crazy!! how can this astray thing spreading in this worldwide so fast..?? i already found that an Iranian Muslim name Niger or whoever, i just forgot her name, has declared herself as a Raelian (Rael followers, he is a founder of this sect).. owh my god!! what a dumb she could possibly bein! astagfirullah... >.<
you'll find the worse if you google some.. 
omg, lets donate some money, or can somebody pls buy them clothes?

i just read more about this sect on their website, and found it funny... their doctrines are so misleading!! everything sucks.. then im just wondering how can those 65000+ ppl bein their followers?? they were completely blind i bet! owhh and their sensual meditation.. sounds terrible!! and yeaa.. i googled some of the Raelism picts, and guess what i found, some ladies topless, i mean half naked doin ceremony thingies!! owh god.. this is so astray!! they also encourage adult homosexual, bisexual, and heterosexual relationships and that society should recognize them legally!! WTF... you, just go to the fuckin hell.. !!
okay enough then... this fuckin stupid about Raelism is endless, we better beware..!! we have God and do believe in Him.. just pray we'll always in the right path till we get into His precious heaven.. ^^

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rainy day...

another rainy day here.. its 7:13 in the morning and i cant go to school... ujan gini gw rasanya pengen tidur seharian penuh... gag tw kenapa jadinya malez banget... uhmm, lemme tell ya one thing... i just miss him already.. f*ck...what is this feeling..!! gw kecewa banget sama diri gw sendiri... kenapa sampe sekarang gw mase aja belom bisa ngelupain dia... bener banget dah kata temen gw si Dedes.. yang pertama itu emang paling susah banget deh dilupain... damn... then why is it must had been him..?? ya Allah ujan ini.. pls stop.. too many memories i shuld forget!! >.<



wish blogspot had queue...

i just dunno what shuld i type here to update this lame blog of mine.. too many school stuffs to do... so here... i got u a pict!! too cute, so i just want to share it... <3