happy weekend...

today is Eid-ul Adha day... so, Eid Mubarak to all my muslim buddies out there.. may blessing is always on us...^^ nawh... its already 5:55 am in the morning here... rencananya see gw mo sholat ied.. tapi gag jadi dee.. gag tau kenapa kok gw ilang mood... jadi gw bakalan diem aja nehh di kamar ngerjain assigments gw yang numpuk and gag selese2 dari kemaren....
btw, kalian raya kemana guyz...?? pazti rame deh ngumpul bareng keluarga...gw mah sepi2 aja noh... kaga da yang menarik... secara bezok uda ngmapuz lagi.. nyokap juga kaga masak.. makanya jadi rada2 bete gitu de jadinya... fufufuuu... well then peepz.. i better go off now... too much stuffs to do.. XD



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