yess.. i feel like so f*ckin tired...!! what is this stupid life i have.... lemme just die... >.<

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surem banget ne hari... sumpah dah...gag tau mo ngapain...paling parah tuu... gw malez mandi...!! OTL..
abiz ini minggu.. tapi tugaz gw subhanallah... banyaknya!!! makanya gw malez banget dah.. sebenernya ne blog juga gw setengah-setengah pengen ngapdetnya... T_T gw lagi moodless.. mending elo jangan baca dahhh...~~~ okee, ditambah lagi hari ini mendung... take a nap is the best to do i think... so byee~~

p/s: what is this stupid thing ive posted..??!!



Fading Text on GIF (PhotoShop Tutorial)

This is a tutorial on how to do this:
Okay so first of all you need a GIF right? You can start following these tutorials (x) (x) on how to make a basic GIF.
You need to know how to make a basic gif in order to understand this tutorial
Step 1. Open your GIF in Photoshop. Select the horizontal type tool, and type your text. Make sure the text layer is at the top of all your gif layers, otherwise, it won’t work.
Step 2. Select all frames and make the Text Layer invisible by ticking the eye next to it. After this, your text should disappear.
Step 3. Select only FIRST FRAME of the GIF and make the text layer visible again and add a layer mask to the text layer. Now there should be a white box next to your text layer.
Please note: Do not make it visible in all frames, only in the first one.
Step 4. Grab the Brush tool (make sure to set the foreground color to black and the background color to white) and paint over your text. Your text will disappear in all your frames.
Step 5. Using the Eraser Tool, erase slowly until you find where your text begin. Make sure the text layer is visible only in your FIRST FRAME
Step 6. Select the second frame, and duplicate the text layer and make it visible by ticking the eye next to it and carefully, erase more.
Step 7. Now, select the third frame, duplicate again the last text layer, make it visible on that frame and erase a bit more. Repeat this with all your frames util you are done.
TIP: For example, you are on the first frame, ONLY the text layer should be visible there (not the duplicated one) now in the second frame, the first and the duplicated text layer should be visible, in the third frame, should be visible the first, duplicated and the duplicated2 text layer. Did you get it? Yeah, I know it’s confusing.
p/s: click on the pict to view full size :) 

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How to get a Music Player on your Blog

Want this??

Follow this tutorial below:
1. Go to webs.com and make an account. (Don’t worry, it’s free!)
2. Click on ‘Manage Pages’ and then look for ‘File Manager’
3. Click on ‘Single File Uploader’ and upload your song.
4. Once it finishes uploading, click on it and copy the link above (it should end in .mp3)
5. Then go to this site and paste the link in the box that says mp3.
6. Remember to also change the colors to your liking or your blog’s color!
7. Lastly, remember to copy the generated html code below and paste it in your description box or wherever you want in your blog ^^
example for the HTML code:
<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="http://flash-mp3-player.net/medias/player_mp3_mini.swf" width="200" height="20">
    <param name="movie" value="http://flash-mp3-player.net/medias/player_mp3_mini.swf" />
    <param name="bgcolor" value="#000000" />
    <param name="FlashVars" value="mp3=http%3A//www.filefreak.com/files/842476_vq2gu/fbofficialmix.mp3&amp;autoplay=1" />
8. You're done...
If you have any problems, please let me know! :)

p/s: you can use this tutorial for Blogger, Tumblr, Wordpress, etc.



I will never understand why I ended up this way or what the reason was for. I'll never understand why this world is so fucked up and barely anyone cares. I'll never understand how people can say they love someone then leave them for someone else. I'll never understand a lot of things, like why people lie, cheat, and steal. Why they are rude, mean, bitchy, horrible, and inconsiderate. I'll never understand how pain never goes away. I'll never understand love or hate. I'll never understand life. Or me.

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omg...omg... its almost 2:00 am.. and i havent slept yet... otl...!!!
okay the reason why im still up is this "11-11-11" lol.. magical day, thats everyone said...!! becoming a TT on twitter.. i just can not... and here i am, stuck with my lappy doin some lame edits... yep... its MINARI bday already... owh myyy... he owns this day... this magical one!! owhh, i cant believe he's 19 now...
so, those are my edits fo him.. ive only posted them on tumblr, OTL... ive no time fo tweeting this lately... im so damn busy fo school... too much assignments to do.. and too little times... XD mianhae Minari...if i ever could write two words to you..they would be: NEVER CHANGE....!! 

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happy weekend...

today is Eid-ul Adha day... so, Eid Mubarak to all my muslim buddies out there.. may blessing is always on us...^^ nawh... its already 5:55 am in the morning here... rencananya see gw mo sholat ied.. tapi gag jadi dee.. gag tau kenapa kok gw ilang mood... jadi gw bakalan diem aja nehh di kamar ngerjain assigments gw yang numpuk and gag selese2 dari kemaren....
btw, kalian raya kemana guyz...?? pazti rame deh ngumpul bareng keluarga...gw mah sepi2 aja noh... kaga da yang menarik... secara bezok uda ngmapuz lagi.. nyokap juga kaga masak.. makanya jadi rada2 bete gitu de jadinya... fufufuuu... well then peepz.. i better go off now... too much stuffs to do.. XD



gw nokturnal... dipaksa diurnal...!!

OWHH MY LORD....!! gw... sumpah semaleman ini gag tidur.. pala gw nyut-nyutan... siep ntar dibantai habiz sama Pak Bambang UTS Mik. Medis.... gimana donk ne.. belom lagi mo nyari KHS buwad diserahin ke Bu Aida, dosen PA gw.. ribet banget dah gw idup... gw janji... gw gag bakal gini lagi... ngejer2 waktu biar bisa selese kerjaan... gasp...!! capek nya gag ketulungan.... elu2 pada jadi saksi ia.. (jiaaahh) kalo im not a procrastinator anymore..!! okay,, hancur idup gw kalo gini teroz... stress gw ber-bab2 ber-jilid2.. gag habis2... well then... uda jam 8 lewad ne... gw mesti chao....
ps: btw, tadi kan gw lagi nyari gambar gitu ne di weheartit.com ewhh gw malah buka pretty-delicious !! sumprett... emang gw kaga nahanan buwad ngeupdate cakes, dkk..! lol.. padahal hari ini gw lagi puasa lho... tsktsktsk... what is this freakin wierd life i have..??!!

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