High school.

I really hate it. It turns friends into enemies and can make the nicest guy turn into a total jerk.People think they’re so cool if they do drugs or got drunk and hooked up with someone over the weekend. I’m surrounded by immature brats. To my younger followers who will be going to high school soon or have just entered high school. Please don’t fall for those tempations or follow those “trends”. I know it may seem alright because everyone else is doing it, but in reality people aren’t. I know it’s easy to make the wrong friends or make the wrong decisions, but please don’t ever lose yourself and just be you. Don’t let others influence you and make decisions for you. Be independed and stay strong. I know I sound dramatic but it’s so easy to change during high school. Good change and very bad change….I’ve seen so many people change into the same type of person they used to hate or swore they would never be like. I’ve seen friends make wrong decisions and have even almost died because of those decisions.
So if you ever want to talk I’m really not kidding when I say you can talk to me whenever and about whatever. It’s good to talk to people .

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