first day fasting..

woa.. its almost 10 am here right now... omg.. i was like thank God, i have no stupid school this morning...
and yeaa.. still cant believe, it has been ramadan already... im fasting todayyy... havent slept yet anyway, since i woke up fo sahur last hours... like i said before, my mom was really goin to kill me... she didnt prepare anything fo us... wth... mom's forever lame...
but it was okay.... i enjoyed it.. kinda.. hahaha.. its a holy month, right..?? so, i prepare to get lots of good deeds... i'll be no more then 2 hours fo OL also... and yeaa, i have to finish my PKL's report... im not goin to rush it in the end... its hard to make, who doesnt know that..?? so, i better start... or it will be never done...
well.. enjoy your day peeps.. be patient.. cuz maghrib will surely come... lol...^^



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