okay... i know im hurting my eyes so damn much.. but i havent finished this template yet... everything is still looks soo messy... nae eotthakae...?? well... actually i have been sick too, so my mom asked me to always go to sleep earlier.. but i swear.. my insomnia is the worst ever.... gash.. i cant even sleep before 2am...
anyway.. im just checking my twitter.. but none of my bestie is on...!! i totally hate this major time difference.... >.< fuuuu...before my mom's goin to take this lappy off.. i think i better go to sleep now.. school tomorrow..omg, i almost forgot... monday sucks i know...!!! i really wish i have no school tomorrow morning.... :// forever lame..... :[
that's what im dreaming about... ahh im sucha saico, but really, school just eats up my LIFE...



Anonymous emily said...

its already weekend here hunn...
and yeaaa... monday is damn suck...!!

July 18, 2011 at 12:23 AM  

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