he's still my Kidrauhl...

Full story of what happened with JB: Okay, so i was in line to meet Justin Bieber in new york, of course i got there late, so i was very last in line for the meet and greet. I was scared that i wasn't going to be able to meet him, and i waited such a long time for this oppurtinity. People thought it was wierd, that me out of everybody was going to meet him. But hey, i thought the kid was talented, cute, and inspiring. So why not? Why pass the oppurtinity. When i finally reached the door, i was so thankful that Justin was still here. He smiled at me, and i walked towards him. "Hi i'm Justin!" Before i could say anything, he stopped, and shook my hand. Little did i know, he saw the scars on my arm. I had been batteling depression for awhile now, that went along with myself being bulimic. Justin paused, and then looked me in the eyes, and asked me one word. "Why" i explained to him the story, and in a split second after, i was in Justin Bieber's arms, and he wasn't letting go. He then murmered in my ear. "You are beautiful, you are so very beautiful. You shouldn't ever feel the need to do any of this stuff, because you are perfect the way you are. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise, or make you think differently.". I started crying, and Justin noticed and kissed my cheek, and held out his pinky. I was confused, and he said "Pinky promise, you will never do that again, for me?" I did. That day will forever be in my heart. So next time you call Justin a jerk, think twice about it, because you don't know him, you know what you see on TV. 

okay.. i got this from my friend on tumblr named Josette, reading her story makes me like "omg... thats why i love and support him everyday.... he's still my old justin who taught me to always dream big and never say never..." i love you my kidrauhl....

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