Happy 4th Anniversary to my precious treasure FT.ISLAND

we may not be by yourside from the beginning..
not being a fans since june 07 2007..
not be with you exactly four years ago..
some of us know you, 2 years ago,1 year ago or even few months ago..etc.etc.
but it doesn't matter..
what matters most is today and in future..
this day forward, we will stand for you.
your path may not be bright always,
may face some struggles,may conquer some obstacles..
but we.. primadonnas as your first ladies,
who wish to be your strength on every downfall,
who wish to be your angel who will protect you wherever you are,
who will love and cherish you from the bottom of our hearts..

lee hongki,choi jonghun,lee jaejin, choi minhwan,song seunghun,and oh won bin
you will always be our treasure. ^_^

it should be posted on June, 7th... but i was sooooo busy with those school stuffs..
then "i see all of you guys have lovely letters to FT.Island for their 4th anniversary...
and here i am eating my fourth banana 'cause i can't come up with an epic letter to describe how much i love the band... T_T
but if ever i could write two words to FT.Island.. they would be : NEVER CHANGE....!!"

<3 <3 <3



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