weekend sucks....!!

gag da yang menarik pagi ini....
bunda.... lapeerrrr...!!! jiahhh... gw kagak dewasa2 iaa....
sarapan aja mezti dibikinin..
owhh wait... dedes smz.... ada rapat buwad nentuin jadwal praktikum sekarang...
gw mesti cabut....
siallll...... telad dah ne gw... >.<



Read this first before proceeding, cause it's important.
So this is how i roll, mate.
1. You don't spam on my comment section.
2. You don't ask for something under my property (for example, codes or photos).
3. You don't come and object all the shits i said in my posts, cause it's MY opinion and thinking.
4. You don't bitch around like you do on other websites.
5. Last of all, be nice. Cause i will give you twice whatever you give to me.

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