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well... if you guys dunno what does "primadonna" mean...?? let me tell ya...
haha.. actually i have no idea, why FT.Island took this strength word to become their fanbase name..!! ahaha.. but its okay.. it makes us feeling soo cool...^^  and yea.. like i already said.. Primadonna is a name for FT.Island's fans.. and im now a part of them... ive been a pri (this is the sum of it) since 5 months ago... i know it was totally late.. cuz u know what..?? FT.Island first debut is on 2007.. so, where was i during that time...?? thought that i was be kidnapped by sumone and took me to the Mars..!! hahahahaha... im bragging guys (cuz actually im starving this morning.. dizzy, sneezing and coughing to much... and my pains are complete now when my mom said "no breakfast this morning.. i gotta go.." owhh my... i wanna cry loudly... >.<)
gahh.. well.. back to d topic... actually i wanna change my signature on the forum.. but first.. i need to post it.. cuz it wont let us to upload the pict.. just the link...!! kinda lame, ikr...!! but okay... so, i can show you here how beautiful "signature;s pict" i made... LOL.. wth..!! (it doesnt make any sense ann..!!) hahaha...
blog's chatbox
forum's signature
not so special btw, cuz i had no time fo making this last week... but i will use it fo a while till i make a new one.. and okay... i dont wanna ruin your mood this morning.. >.<
thats all... see ya on the next post guys.. ive to finish my homework though anyway....
kyaaaa... i almost forget it... t_t

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a cool design...!!

April 4, 2011 at 7:14 AM  

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