a lil bit scare fo tomorrow...!! MIDTERM..!!

omgash... the midterm will begin tomorrow.... too many stuffs.. and i havent read even touched them yet....!! >.< owhh my.. im about to die... its almost 1:00 am.. and i still have one assignment to do... gahhh, its sucha completely pain.... 
there are a ton of homeworks ive to do too...!! >.<
Seriously, whoever can escape from homework? no one!! right?
I mean, like everyday our teachers will give us homework..
the less u ask.. the more u'll get..  -____-
so? yes, we are (student) will again and again repeat the same thing..
What the point the teacher give us homework?
yeah, NONE..
WHY?? Because even though the teachers ask us to do it at holidays.,
we end up DOING the homework on a very LAST day of the holidays..
am I right??
well, most of the ppl.. some ppl just love to done their homeworks early..
ME? haha xD please son't ask again..

1. Say to your teacher that you were too busy to resolve the global warming problem
2. Your Cat is heartbroken for giving her kittens to her boyfriend and u need to chill her down..
3. Someone come to your house and borrowed ur stationaries and never return it back..
5. You were allergic to papers
6. You always FACE the BOOK and forget about anything else
7. Your cat ate your homeworks.. and then that cat died so u have to do a funeral
8.My other neighbourhood caught on fire and you helped.. but end up on the hospital
9.My hand is shaking when i hold a pen or pencil
10.I'm too lazy to think the answers

 cr: copycatmemory



Read this first before proceeding, cause it's important.
So this is how i roll, mate.
1. You don't spam on my comment section.
2. You don't ask for something under my property (for example, codes or photos).
3. You don't come and object all the shits i said in my posts, cause it's MY opinion and thinking.
4. You don't bitch around like you do on other websites.
5. Last of all, be nice. Cause i will give you twice whatever you give to me.

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