FT.Island - YOZM Interview

What did you do on Chuseok Festival?
Hongki: Went to Japan, started filming MV at 4am and did recording on the 2nd day till night.
Minhwan: Even the Chuseok's break was spent in Japan.
Jonghun: We were eating bentos when others were eating songpyeon (rice cake).
Hongki: Isn't it fortunate that we ate bentos instead of rice balls?

What about last year?
Minhwan: Last year? We were resting on Chuseok last year.
Jaejin: Resting?
Minhwan: There was one week of break.
Jaejin: We didn't have much rest last year right? Our mothers didn't come right?

Everyone couldn't really remember. The manager said everyone were resting on Chuseok last year, except for Hongki who was filming for the TV drama.
Jonghun: I would have remembered if we had rested..
Seunghyun: I was having a great time with my dad. But Hongki hyung suddenly called me saying that he got into trouble and wants me to be there quickly.
Minhwan: Ah, right, that was on Chuseok last year.
Seunghyun: I said "What kind of trouble" and he told me to look for it online, saying that the news is out and it is a big matter.
Hongki: That was during winter when Jonghun and I went to the skiing resort, not Chuseok.
Minhwan, Seunghyun & Jaejin: Ahh, yes.
Minhwan: The break was about 3 days 2 nights. At that time, we really thought what Hongki hyung had joked about was real.
Hongki: After I finished my schedule, Jonghun and I went to the ski resort at night. We were too bored so we played a joke on them. I mass sent them SMS and Jaejin was at the hostel because of exams, university exams.
Jaejin: Yes, was practising bass at that time.
Hongki: I started the joke, saying "I appeared on the internet with immediate news and I feel that it is necessary to have everyone gathered at the office". They called me almost instantly, asking whether it is true. Minhwan said "I'm at home, heading out already, heading out already". I laughed out after awhile and my laughter was discovered as Jonghun was talking on the phone. Jaejin also went to search on the internet immediately and even said "Hyung, there wasn't any news".
Jaejin: I had my computer with me at that time so I went to search for it on the internet.
Seunghyun: I even asked my dad, "Dad, I think I have to go back for awhile. Something just happened to Hongki hyung". Then, my dad said why did this happen, Hongki got into trouble again.
Hongki: What 'again', why did I see 'again'.

There are no special holidays, so rare breaks allows one to have some personal time. Still have to train on eves of special holidays
Jonghun: This time, I heard that we are going to Taiwan during Christmas.
Seunghyun: Taiwan is very good, not cold too.
Jaejin: CNBLUE is also working, so I don't feel lonely anymore. (laughs)
Jonghun: Should be able to have some fun in Taiwan.
Seunghyun: Would be able to celebrate Christmas warmly in Taiwan.

A special holiday that is meaningful becomes nothing special to many people. But after becoming an artiste, this forgotten day becomes one of the most important things.
Hongki: If artists wants to gather and organize a party on Christmas, it's impossible to control each other's schedule, even if it was confirmed on the eve. So it would have to start later if we want.There were also situations whereby appointments, that were already fixed, had to be cancelled because problems arose from others' schedules. But it is also very weird if you are the only one without any schedule. After 'You're Beautiful' ended, Jang Geun Suk hyung had solo overseas activities and Korea fanmeeting. But he had no activities and works for close to a year, so everyday he would say "Hey, play with me" ^^.

You all have been in this industry for 3 years, should have already been accustomed to this entertainment industry. So now, are there any areas which you still feel hard?
Hongki: Waking up in the morning, it is very tiring especially when the schedule is full.

Are there any areas in this entertainment industry whereby you feel that it's more hard to handle? Any examples?
Hongki: Last time I felt that it was hard to face our sunbaes. But our age have increased and there are many sunbaes and hoobaes now, hence, they will approach and talk to us first. There are also many private gatherings with hyungs. Even now, at the broadcast station, I'm very familiar with those people already. So I feel that it is more comfortable.

Then, how do you feel after seeing your hoobaes?
Jonghun: Very cute.
Minhwan: There are some who are similar to sunbaes and some who are already very good. There are also some who feels like small kids and everybody is very young. I was called the maknae wherever I went When I debuted. I was treated very well, because I was said to be the maknae in the singers industry. ^^ Teacher would say "Aigoo, maknae" each time he sees me and treats me very good. I feel it is very magical that there are so many young people now.

Will you all go into others' resting rooms to socialise in midst of activities?
Minhwan: Because there are people we know.
Hongki: We will go because TRAX hyungs' resting room are often beside ours.
Minhwan: We will go and listen to them playing guitars.
Hongki: But basically, we just stone in the resting room.

Are there any funny occurences during the Japan activities? Be it among members or during activities.
Minhwan: Bus Tour. In Japan, bands will do 'Zepp Tour' and the roads in Japan are very long. Hence, (we) will need to spend a lot of time in the bus and each time, it is about 9 to 10 hours.
Jaejin: Foreign famous singers' buses are all modified. However, we sat and spent 10 hours in those common bus.
FT's curled up body ^^
Jaejin: The bus is very nice, its appearance is something that the modified bus cannot compete with. But the interior... (laughs)
Seunghyun: At the seat of a Korea bus, I can rest my legs on one side of the seat. It was also the same during the Bus Tour in Japan. Because it was really very tiring, tired until it's hard to sleep.
Minhwan: Because the journey is very long, I listened finished to all the songs that I've never heard before in my mp3.
Seunghyun: Also, each time we stop to rest at a place, we will film those videos that are shown during concerts. They will film us cleaning up at the resting place, wearing wigs and hats there. Japan is already very hot and wearing like that to film makes it even hotter.
Jonghun: Our endurance level seems to have increased because of this. Enduring tiring things, moving again after a performance, feel that we have become more mature just like this? I feel that we've grown up, because we had done tough things.
Jaejin: There are also delicious things to eat. I feel that it's great when we go to a place, we have to eat the specialty food there. Have you ever tried to eat cow's tongue?
Minhwan: In Japan, it's called 'q-tan'. It is a small, barbequed food, which resembles pork. Its thickness is the same as sliced ham.
Hongki: Japanese find it very delicious.
Jaejin: But it just tastes like ham.
Seunghyun: It feels like kissing with a cow.

So, in total, how long did you all sit in the bus?
Hongki: Maximum 10 hours each time? In total, it's 20+ hours, not yet 30 hours. I was really dying.
Seunghyun: Over there, the President would assign lines for us to say on stage before we reach our destination. The lines have to be memorized immediately if there's a concert the next day. As there's a concert tommorrow, hence the lines have to be memorized immediately in the bus and not memorizing it only in the morning. Everyone feels very troubled, but (we) still have to memorize because it would be very tiring the next day.

What did you all do in the resting/waiting rooms of music programs?
Jonghun: Will sleep when tired, will play guitar, play games. Have been playing frequently because I got an iPad recently.

How about in the car?
Seunghyun: Sleep, listen to music and tearing oil blotters. Sorry, just joking, not used to it right.
Jonghun: We love titbits very much, we keep eating, including ice cream.
Hongki: Recently, I've been exercising in the resting room.
Jonghun: Gave us a lot to eat and we really ate a lot.

How about in the hostel?
Minhwan: Just playing computer as there's nothing special in the hostel.
Jaejin: Become an expert after playing the game only for awhile ^^
Seunghyun: Because we are playing games enthusiatically, we have to change the keyboard after awhile. We have to be enthusiatic in everything we do.
Jaejin: It's different for me everyday. If I'm with friends who play games, we would play games and it would last a whole day. If I'm with friends who compose songs or play musical instruments, we would exchange our skills.
Hongki: Last time, I would stay awake for a few nights because of the game and anyone who disturbs me have to die.

Who is the closest to you among the idol groups members? (One person at a time *^^*)
Hongki: It's Kim Heechul, member of Chocoballs, Chocoballs is Hong-line. Kim Heechul is under Hong-line ^^
Minhwan: I've gotten quite close to SHINee recently.
Hongki: I'm very close with missA's Min.
Jonghun: I was born in 1990. So there are the 90-er friends, like Bigbang's Seung Ri, Davichi's Min-kyung and etc. There's no line, just a group of close friends.

There's also 91-line?
Minhwan: Of course.
Jaejin: At first, I had this idea with Kibum, SHINee's Key. As we didn't have many friends, except for Minho, we wanted to start just like that, but we didn't know when to start. A very strong 91-line was already established when I returned from Japan, so I thought that I must quickly join. Hence, recently I joined and got very close to them.
Minhwan: There's really alot of people in 91-line.
Hongki: At first, there's really many people in 90-line, gathered many people. But now, there's a lot of movements for the people before 90s, 89-ers and 90-ers, I'm like that too.
Seunghyun: I don't have close artistes friends whom are of the same age, only have Minhwan. Because there's no way to mix around with 92-line.
Minhwan: In reality, there's a lot of girls in 92-line. Honestly speaking, it's hard to be close.
Jaejin: I also didn't have many friends one year ago. Suddenly, I got to know more friends after one year. Really have to wait, they will appear very soon.
Hongki: I didn't have anything at first. But subsequently I had after becoming close with Heechul hyung.
Seunghyun: Hongki hyung also introduced hyungs that he know to me.
Hongki: Because I'm very close to Supreme team's as well as TRAX's hyungs.
Seunghyun: Hongki hyung, please introduce them to me, I want to be close to them.

When the new album was released, Which activity left the deepest impression (on you)?
Seunghyun: It's being awarded first place after joining FTIsland as the new member.

How long was the period in between that? Because the activities in Japan was very long..
Seunghyun: I think it was after 2 years. Because it's the first time I was awarded first place, so at that moment, it really meant a lot to me.

Yet watching the program, you all really looked like you all didn't know when the first place was announced.
Everyone: We really didn't know, we were playing at the back.
Hongki: Everyone told me me not to act anymore but I really wasn't acting. I was still on TRAX's hyung's back and when hyung pulled me down, I really got a shock.

If you had a girlfriend, what place would you definitely bring her to?
Hongki: Japan village tour, those with hot springs.
Everyone: It's really fantastic.
Hongki: It's very leisure there as there's no one that I know. If only the breakfast was Korean style.
Seunghyun: Was it Akita (Sapporo, Akita) that Lee Byung-hun sunbae and Kim Tae-hee went together in IRIS?
Jaejin: Jeju Island.
Everyone agreed
Jaejin: Last time, Park Hyo Shin hyung, Minhwan and I went there to film before. It was when the other members were busy and since only we were free, so we went. It was a really fantastic place.
Minhwan: It was really super fantastic. We even went to fun places and did interesting things. It was really good. The trees there also looked different and trees in Seoul were not seen there.
Jonghun: Of course. Don't be such a mountain tortoise.
Jaejin: I like Jeju Island... also had horse meat and horse sashimi.

What left the deepest impression on you in Japan?
Hongki: It was when I first heard Seunghyun's self composed song in Japan. He performed on a radio show upon returning to Korea and the response was very good. It was even placed first and BEST on recent search engines, so the other idols had already watched that performance on the radio show. It was when Seunghyun felt depressed in Japan, while eating GyuDon (Beef Bowl) and composing while holding to the guitar. The lyrics went "I am a singer~ singing with my feelings, because I have GyuDon...". It was like this and that, very amusing.
Seunghyun: I felt like I was expressing my feelings and I felt great.
Hongki: Jonghun said it was very good upon hearing it. So he joined in at the chorus. Jaejin said the chorus was very funny, so he filmed a video.
Seunghyun: Originally, the song was already not bad, Jonghun hyung's vocal was great too (laughs together)
Jaejin: Originally, I thought that these 2 people are so-so. When I was filming, I felt that it was so funny. I really couldn't hold it in because of Jonghun hyung's chorus. I couldn't bear with it till the end because it was too funny.
Hongki: These children kept having NGs (T/N: NG means No Good, the scene is not good or they make mistakes) because they laugh so frequently.
Jaejin: Because I'm laughing, so others also laugh along with me.
Seunghyun: On a rainy day, while eating GyuDon.
Jaejin: When I first heard it, I felt that it was very true. But I felt that it was very funny after listening to it.

Now thinking back, what's one mistake that you've committed that's very funny yet embarrassing?
Hongki: It was during broadcast of a program, the main stage and drummer's position.
Minhwan: There's only me at that position.
Hongki: Kara performed before us and because of the performance, the four of us were waiting for signal to go up the stage. At the live broadcast, Minhwan turned his head to look at Kara, it had already began, but he turned his head to look again.
Minhwan: This would happen because Kara was performing. I wanted to confirm the timing for us to start, so I had to turn to look. I was thinking that after Kara ended, the host would come out and introduce FTIsland, so I turned to look at the stage. Hyungs should walk out first before the song starts, but they didn't come out. So I thought it hadn't started and just sat there. But the song was already being played, so I immediately looked back, but didn't see hyungs. So I was thinking 'What happened?'
Hongki: This really created a huge topic, 'Behind that idol image, Minhwan is Kara's fan'. Choi Minhwan's mistake, go search for it on the internet, will find it.

What's the best gift received till this date?
Hongki: It was a small dog that I received last time. Korean Primadonnas said that I looked like Siberian Husky. At first, I felt that we really looked alike and it's very cute so I took care of it, but after a month, I felt that... it is really formidable at defecating (sweats)
Minhwan: At first Hongki said he wanted to take care of it, but in the end, he didn't tidy it. He didn't even help it to shower and just said 'Seunghyun ah, clean it.'

Overseas primadonnas send gifts too, the one that left the deepest impression was...
Minhwan: To be honest, because we have to board the aeroplane, we couldn't bring back many gifts that we received.
Jonghun: There were many that were very expensive.
Seunghyun: We do not accept branded gifts from Japanese primadonnas. President announced that they can't give us branded goods. Why did he say something like this ^^
Hongki: I talked to about it to manager hyungs before, saying "Why must you stop them, primadonnas want to give~~" ^^
Seunghyun: Probably because it's the company's rule.
Jaejin: I feel that receiving instruments is very special.
But you might not be interested in all of the musical instruments. If they send any kind of instrument, you might not even use some of it.
Minhwan: Trying every kind of instruments is a good thing.
Jonghun: It's very good to receive instruments. Primadonnas also gave us a lot of accessories for our instruments, it's very useful.
Minhwan: There are also a lot of cheap yet useful items.
Jaejin: I had once received an instrument which was what I wanted to learn. I felt that they helped me a great deal because they gave me a gift that I really wanted to buy.
Jonghun: Yes, this is the best gift.
Hongki: I also received an acoustic guitar this time round.
Seunghyun: I should be the one to receive it since I'm the guitarist, but instead, Hongki hyung received it.
(All the members burst into laughters)
Seunghyun: I'm the one playing the guitar and seeing that even Hongki had received it, so I went to buy one and play^^

Who is the member who is like a mother and takes care of the rest?
Jaejin: To be honest, questions similar to this had been asked many times before. If we were gathered together, it's possible to come up with each member's role in a family. But we are just brothers, not a family.
Hongki: So, amongst the brothers, there would be one who does well in studies, just like Jaejin who is very honest. There would also be one who doesn't understand reasons, just like Seunghyun, the maknae who doesn't have any target and shows aegyo to hyungs. There's also Jonghun who will mess around.
Jonghun: What mess around~ Say I'm meticulous~
Hongki: Alright, someone who is meticulous and mess around. Minhwan is unable to attract people's attention.
Jaejin: Neighbours who are like brothers! Friends whom come over to play everyday
Hongki: I'm the type who mess around too
Minhwan: It's special, there's also a part which resembles a hyung. There was once when Hongki hyung was moving house, he called everyone over. He said "Children, bring the clothes away", manager hyungs even came to show some concern.
Seunghyun: Really amusing, it was really like a market. Hongki hyung held one piece of clothe up like this and everyone stood up just like buyers.
Jaejin: (Hongki:) "THIS!" and then (everyone:) "ME ME ME"
Minhwan: Members' sizes are about the same, except for shoes. Even manager hyungs were gathered there.
Hongki: Those who didn't get it would fight and say he wanted to wear that~

Where did fashionable Hongki buy his clothes from?
Hongki: I also bought it from market(?), I would also shop online frequently. If there is any clothe that I liked which I wore for promotional activities, I would give money to the stylist. I don't like receiving free things, I bought 4 sets this time round.
Stylist nodded when asked about it
Jaejin: If you want to show the fashion differences between members, Hongki once gave Minhwan a pair of pants. It seems that Minhwan wore that pants for more than a year and he loves to wear that pair of pants.
Minhwan: Wore it for approximately 6 months.
Jaejin: Wearing it out, codi or others would see it right. They would say 'Oh, very nice' and almost all of the praises was referring to the pants that Hongki hyung gave.
Seunghyun: Previously, we went to 7 countries for our Asia tour and Minhwan wore the same pants throughout. He would wash that pants when we were temporary resting in Korea and put it back on after that. (Everyone burst into laughters)
Hongki: Minhwan said this time he bought a pair of pants in Japan.
Seunghyun: He has no more primadonnas ^^ Primadonnas feels irritated because Minhwan's clothes were the same everyday.
Jonghun: Black pants turned into grey pants ^^
Minhwan: I prefer to use familiar things
Hongki: It was something funny that happened during this Asia tour. Jaejin said to change my style, so I brought my clothes to let codi assist me. But each time we reach the airport, primadonnas would tell Jaejin that his clothes are very nice.
Jaejin: In other countries, if Hongki hyung looks at my style, he would casually say "You look very nice today, how did you do it? Had a sudden fashion inspiration?". His mood for that day would be different, the difference in mood would be focused on me.
Hongki: Fashionistas like G-Dragon are people who starts the trend. Even though at some level, my style fits well with fashion, but I will still search for something special. I would add something that was previously fashionable. To be honest, when I go for rehearsal in the morning, I would leave the house late because I would put in effort to do some styling. Usually people leave their house late because they overslept. Even though I wake up early, there are times that I would leave the house late because of deciding on which clothes to wear.

Which primadonna left the deepest impression?
Hongki: It was a Japan primadonna, she had pink hair and cosplayed. She would also come to Korea to find me. I was really very surprised because she was really too eye-catching. She became a primadonna during Zepp tour. Ever since then, she would come to Korea frequently. Korean primadonnas do not have such a unique appearance like her. But those that who came and find us frequently and cheered for us sincerely would also leave an impression on us.

What thing changed during the period in Japan?
Hongki: I felt that everyone had 3 heads. It was like there was more space for us to ponder, more space to ponder about more ideas. If we only had activities in Korea, we would only be able to ponder about one idea. I felt like we were able to ponder about more ideas in Japan.
Minhwan: No matter what, I felt that we should have more ideas. We were able to become good friends with idol groups when we were in Korea. But due to the music differences, it was almost no use to us. Previously, when Wheesung sunbae's resting room was the nearest to ours, it was a great help to Hongki hyung's vocals and the production of our album. But, since we are a band, it was of not much help in terms of the instruments or the way we perform. If we were in Japan, we were able challenge ourselves new things that we weren't able to do so when we were in Korea. I tried performing with the acoustic guitar this time and after which, I would learn percussion. There were many opportunities to learn.

There were also many genres of music to try out right?
Jaejin: To be honest, there is something wrong with this sentence. We were able to try out the different genres in Japan's music industry. But speaking of which, many sunbaes said we are not newbies anymore, this image doesn't belong to us. We feel that we resemble rock singers when we are on stage. This is because we had many stage experiences when we were in Japan. Because we gained confidence and learnt to stay calm, so I felt that my emotions and attitude on stage are now different.
Hongki: I've learnt how to handle unforeseen circumstances through many public performances in Japan. Even if the condition of my throat is not good, I would lower the key and go up the stage without panicking. During the 1st and 2nd albums promotions, I would follow the original key unconditionally. So, there were times when I would go out of tune when my throat isn't well

If you were to go to a deserted island, which member would you bring along??
Hongki: I want to go alone. No, I would bring Seunghyun along. No, I would bring Minhwan along.
Seunghyun: To order me to do things?
Jonghun: Situations of one starving would most likely not happen if you were to go with Minhwan. Because he is unable to bear with hunger ^^
Jaejin: Minhwan is also very good at chatting
Seunghyun: Hongki hyung made a good decision by not bringing me along. If hyung brought me along, he would have to take care of me when I'm sick.
(Everyone burst into laughter)
Hongki: That is why I changed my mind.

What would you want to do the most if you can go on a holiday?
Hongki: I want to go to America. Since I've never been there, anywhere is fine, but it must be America. I want to learn everything if I go there because I feel that as compared to Japan, it would be a whole new experience in America. I want to change my name, secretly send albums there and see if my voice or music would be accepted in America.
But you would be recognized once someone hears your voice. Netizens are able to search for it through youtube and other websites.
Hongki: Have to deny it no matter what
Minhwan: It seems interesting to use an album that had not been publicized.
Hongki: If the results are not bad, we can let our agency know about it. We can also expand our career in America.
Jonghun: We are a little whimsical ^^
Hongki: A band has to be crazy and possess the power of resistance.
Jonghun: We really want to go on an overseas trip. Even though we go overseas frequently due to performances, but mostly, it is just 2 days 1 night, 3 days 2 nights. Other than that, if it was for a long period, it would also be due to work.

Other than on programs, who is the 16 dimensions member when members are together?
Jonghun: Maknae Seunghyun
Seunghyun: Because I want to express everything that I thought of comically, that is why it is like this. I like to see people's faces when they laugh.
Hongki: You have also seen many angry faces recently right~
Seunghyun: Yes, I have seen many angry faces recently. It is because I carried the joke too far.
Jaejin: He would also scare people. His actions are very funny, even small actions are very funny.
[Took a look just now, his way of joking is a little special]
Minhwan: When I look at him at any point of time, he would laugh by himself. When I asked "What happened to you", he would say "Because I thought of funny matters".
Seunghyun: This is not counted as being 16 dimensions. I was dragged down by everyone because of my good character. When being questioned by the members, I would say it is because when you are alone and funny thoughts suddenly come to you, that is why you will laugh out loud by yourself. But they are unable to understand when I say that I laugh because I thought of funny things alone. Is it so special? Can't you see it from my point of view? (i can see it^^)

When you all first went to Japan, who was the first member who could not adapt there?
Hongki: I did not fall sick this time. When we went to Japan the first time, I was the first one to get home sick and we came back earlier because of me. It was during the period when I was attending school and having activities at the same time.
Jonghun: So far, we only went to Japan because of work. I want to go there for a holiday.

Who is the member who cares the most about his appearance or fashion?
Hongki: I am the fashionista. But it depends ^^ I like unique things.
Minhwan: It is definitely Hongki hyung. Hongki hyung likes being fashionable and owns a lot of fashionable stuffs. Just the shoes alone, he owns over 40 pairs and they are placed all the way to the living room. Jonghun hyung's style is that it is fine as long as he likes it but he would also bother about it. I feel that he does not have many accessories? Even if he had worn it before, he would still give off a different feeling each time. But Hongki hyung often wear new ones and they are sparkly.
Hongki: It's not sparkly ~it's elegant~
Minhwan: The feeling its like wearing a glowing shoe.
Hongki: Seunghyun minds too but he doesn't have a way to carry out the latest fashion style.
Seunghyun: Hng, I'm the one that fits fashion trend best~
Hongki: When I was acting in "You're Beautiful", I found out that both Yonghwa and I like skull necklaces and rings and so we decided to set up a business. We promised each other that once we have earned money, we would get it together. We really went to design and even found suppliers but because of our busy schedules, we could not make it happen. If we really do set up business, Geunseuk hyung and Shinhye promised to support us.

If FT Island is able to do something with your fans, what would it be?
Seunghyun: Go on an holiday for 2 days 1 night, feel like going on an holiday.
Hongki: DBSK sunbae and many artistes have done it before with about 200 or 150 fans. They gathered in a rented motel for 2 days 1 night. We have not done this before.
Minhwan: It must be interesting, I want to try.
Hongki: It's just like an camp where we can do many things, but I don't really understand. This can become a topic, split into small groups seems like it'll be interesting.

Does any member has special sleeping habits? What do you play (do) in your dorm?
Hongki: There is 1 member who sleepwalk. The person is the one who is not laughing.
(everyone looks at Jaejin)
No special sleeping habits?
Minhwan: No, no special sleeping habits. It's just that Jaejin hyung is too sensitive. Now, it's much better. It's only during our trainee period. Jaejin's sleeping position would never change, it would be the same in the morning. He would fell asleep without moving and the next morning, he would be in the same position.
(Everyone starts laughing^^)
Minhwan: Not even a inch. When he heard manager's footsteps while sleeping, he would immediately get out of bed and say "Hyung is here?" So weird.
Hongki: Nobody knew when he started to sleepwalk and doing weird actions. (laughs loudly)
Jaejin: I got caught by Hongki hyung for about 3 times already. The previous time when we were sleeping in the same group, I, without knowing..
(because it was too funny, Hongki started laughing loudly)
Jaejin: I took out the clothes on my body and Hongki hyung said I was a pervert. Wherever he went, he would tell people, made me so stressed (embarrassed)~ He would say "You stripped and sleep at the same time".
Seunghyun: Now, Jaejin's name is related to "Pornstar" hehe.

When overseas, what Korean food would you miss most?
Hongki: Potato soup, kimchi soup.
Minhwan: I want to drink soup the most.
All: Spicy food and preferably with soup, especially in Japan.
Hongki: Pig blood soup^^ we really love eating Korean food.
Minhwan: Spicy chicken soup, overseas also have spicy chicken soup but it's very expensive and taste different.
Hongki: When we visit Southeast Asia countries, we will request korean food from the workers. It's a little tough in Southeast Asia countries. I had food poisoning when I was in Thailand and had to end all activities. I wanted to go to Pattaya but because I had food posisoning, I was the only one who couldn't go. Luckily it was the day before.

Did you take note of any girl group member recently?
Hongki: Lizzy Lizzy Lizzy! Busan girl, I like people who use dialect.
Jaejin: Miss A's Suzy.
Jonghun: Secret's Hyosung.
Seunghyun: I don't have one.
Hongki: Eh~ I thought you did?
Seunghyun: Ah! Davichi's Kang Min Kyung noona.
Minhwan: Also from Secret.
Hongki: Yes.
All: Yes~ why is it like this is so different from reality.
Minhwan: Just let me be.
Jonghun: Jaejin likes Rainbow.
Jaejin: Rainbow is good but Suzy is the best.

Who is the weakest (strength) member?
Minhwan: Comparing physical strength, the weakest should be Seunghyun.
Manager: About this question, you can actually watch from TV programmes like "Idol Sports Athletes Championship".
Jaejin: Strictly speaking, we always sit and practice, so we don't have any muscles.
Jonghun: As you can see from 2PM and 2AM in Idol Sports Athletes Championship, when I finished running 100km, I was so breathless but they were not even tired.
Jaejin: Out of all of us, Minhwan is the healthiest, he has never fallen sick and has been eating well.
Seunghyun: All the while, people like this are only uncomfortable in their rooms.
(laughs together)
Seunghyun: He is unwell everyday, feeling uncomfortable as days passes.
Minhwan: Seunghyun's mouth was sick, no idea if it was fake, he fell sick for 5 days, he couldn't laugh, seems like we won't fall sick till that state
Seunghyun: It really hurts.
Minhwan: Yes, I have also encountered this kind of sickness.
Hongki: So he must have be strong enough to prevent these kind of sickness.
Seunghyun: When I was young, the doctor told me I was weak.
Jaejin: I have researched, he is a moving hospital ward ever since he was a trainee ^^
Jonghun: Overall, all our bodies are not good.
Hongki: Have understood that all musicians (be it location) that their tummy will protrude out and why their upper body looks nice (upper body as in only chest) but their tummy will run out, so we must take more care of our bodies.

Having to be the top 10 on the Oricon Chart in Japan, how are you all feeling right now?
Hongki: Happy happy^^ the first single was already on the top 3 on daily charts, 4th on weeky's, created a history in the office, feeling very good and als fortunate. Our 2nd single was also ranked 4th and 5th but our 2nd single did made more sales than the previous one, from what I see, seems like its getting better.
Hongki: It's partly because we're a band. For dance, DBSK senior opened a big bath and so Bigbang succeeded there. In Japan, our company specialices in band, a little different from Korea. Recently, idols have been working with big album producer companies but we are under a different kind even the way they promote.Those big companies have large promotion activities however for our side, we're doing what we can do, it's really different.
Minhwan: We're really feeling good, it's (results) are not going up and down but its going even higher everytime and even better, this feeling is even better.

How do you make yourself look photogenic?
Hongki: Truthfully, I look photogenic all the time. It was the cameraman who told me.. Jonghun, Jaejin and I look good whenever we take pictures but it's hard on Seunghyun and Minhwan.
Minhwan: The most photogenic is hongki hyung. Whichever angle, Hongki hyung still looks good. Out of 10 pictures, 9 pictures can be used. Jonghun hyung.. out of 10 pictures, 6 or 7 pictures can be used. Inside, 1 or 2 will be best cut. Seunghyun is the least photogenic.
(everyone laughs)
Minhwan: But the least photogenic one will also have best cut, although it will look weird, those pictures which cannot be used won't be used but 1 picture will look super good.
Jaejin: Because of my eyes, I am always not satisfied, it seems like my eyes are blur.
Hongki: Touch ups are always like this, face becomes small and lots of touch up everywhere, so people looks different on pictures.
Jaejin: Ah so hardly to see you protecting me, why did you this time..

So there is no special way?
Hongki: To be honest, my left side looks nicer.
All: We all have our own favourite angle.
Hongki: If our hair has parting, it would be there. If there is no parting, then we will tae straight. Sometimes when we have a little of double chin, we have ways to not take our neck.
Minhwan: Ah so this is what Hongki hyung have been doing.
Hongki: I will also do this when I am doublechin-less.

Curious about the process of this album's hit song
Seunghyun: Honestly, 1 week before starting on our promotional activities, we changed our hit song, it was initially another song but it was changed to "Love Love Love". We thought it through and also have considered the outcomes. After a long while we then have decided to start our promotional activities in Korea, felt super nervous and changed our hit song.

So, during the process of making, any thing especially tiring or happy?
Jaejin: I feel that it would be Jonghun’s hyung own self composed song which have been included into the Korean album, feels that putting a member’s self composed song in the album is a new feeling. Although Hongki hyung sings with emotions but it would be a little (common). This song would be more joyful and interesting to perform and can also put more effort into performing so this part was the most impactful for me, we put our all into this song.
Hongki: Felt like Jonghun put a spell on me. When I first recorded the song, I felt uneasy because I was the one receiving instructions while Jonghun was giving instructions for the first time. During the process, I felt a little weird but I recorded I happily, finished it in awhile. The lead singer added colous to the song^^ hahaha

Did you listen to the instructions?
Jaejin: Because we’ve spent time for quite long when Jonghun hyung says “It’s like this”, I will “AH~” and immediately perform, we have these kind of situations.
Jonghun: If I say “Do you have what (who) you like!”
Jaejin: “Ah! It’s this feeling!” This situation is very common and ended the recording happily.
Jonghun: Because we spend a lot of time together.

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