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Algae is a primitive form of life, a single-celled or simple multiple-celled organism that is able to conduct the process of photosynthesis. It is generally found in water but can also be found elsewhere, growing on such surfaces as rocks or trees. The various types of algae are classified according to pigment.
Blue-green algae, or Cyanophyta, can grow at very high temperatures and under high-intensity light. This is a microscopic type of algae, and some species consists of only one cell. Blue-green algae is the oldest form of life with photosynthetic capabilities, and fossilized remains of this type of algae more than 3,4 billion years old have been found in parts of Africa.
Green algae, or Chlorophyta, is generally found in fresh water. It reproduces on the surfaces of enclosed bodies of water such as ponds or lakes and has the appearance of a fuzzy great and floating on the water. In large quantities, this type of algae may reproduce enough to give a green color to entire lake.
Brown algae, or Phaeophyta, grows in shallow, temperate water. This type of algae is the largest in size and is most recognizable as a type of seaweed; kelp is a type of brown algae that has grown to lengths of up to 200 feet. Its long stalks can be enmeshed on the ocean floor; or it can float freely on the ocean surfaces.
Red algae, or Rhodophyta, is a small, delicate organism found ill the deep waters of the subtropics, where it often grows with coral. This type of algae has an essential role in the formation of corals reefs: it secretes lime from the seawater to foster the formation of limestone deposits.
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