Lee HongKi and Park ShinYe "spending Christmas together"

im just totally jealous with this...!! idk... but owhhh... what should i say then...??
here is their twitter updates>>
Lee HongKi's Twitter Update:
skullhong 콘서트무시히끝^^~너무많은 팬들이와줘서너무고마워^^~let’go party
Konser sudah berakhir sekarang tanpa kecelakaan. Terima kasih untuk datang ke konser! sangat banyak penggemar yang datang! ^^~ ayo pesta
Concert is over now without any accidents. Thank you for coming to concert! So many fans came! ^^~let’go party

Park ShinHye's Twitter Update:
ssinz 올해 크리스마스는 홍스타와 함께~ 무대위에 홍스타는 정말 반짝거렸다. 역시 넌 홍스타야!! 제르미이이이이~~~
Menghabiskan Natal tahun ini bersama dengan Hongstar~ Hongstar benar-benar bersinar di stage. Kau benar-benar Hongstar!! Jeremyyyyy~~~
Spending Christmas this year with HongStar together~ HongStar is really shiny on the stage.You’re really HongStar!! Jeremyyyyy~~~ 

if only Santa could bring me HongKi fo Christmas....
lol.. im wondering.. just wondering... <3

Credits: skullhong+ssinz+[engtrans]hyekyo+mrshk90+[IDNTrans]liahongki@primindo



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