the stupidest girl ever...!!

bodo.. bodo... bodo.. sumpah.. saia gag nyangka kalo saia bisa jadi sebodoh ne..!! otak kamu, kamu taro' dimana chaq..?? fiuh.. kamu uda ngerepotin banyak orang.. ngapain kamu mezti suzah-suzah kalo ujung-ujungnya juga bakalan kaya gini.. meztinya tuu kamu tw dari awal kalo dya gag mungkin inget kamu lagi...!! owwhhh.. andai ajaa saia biza puter nee waktu.. yah.. cuma ada kata andai sekarang.. nyesel..? pazti..!! saia nyesel banget... mule sekarang.. mule detik ini.. dya gag boleh lagi ada dalem pikiran saia.. i shuld forget him.. he wasnt ever exist..!! maafin saia ya Allah.. uda jadi selemah ini... uda jadi sepengecut ini.. uda ngasi perasaan saia dikuasain nafsu.. astagfirullah 3x.... 
then.. i just wanna say thanks to him.. thanks fo everything.. thanks fo every single thing that he has ever done to me.. (actually nothing.. cuz it was me.. and i did it to myself..).. but thanks.. BIG THANKS fo stealing my heart and running away within it...!!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

what the hell happened to ya ann..??

November 1, 2010 at 12:16 AM  
Anonymous Runni said...

owhh.. that was nothing...
butdo i know u..?? sorry.. cuz u didnt use any name or sumthin..??

November 7, 2010 at 1:58 PM  

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